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Allow selection of existing location/venue for events

Looking to see if we can pull from a list of venues/locations when scoring games.

I am working with Connecticut Hockey and they have 37 associations which equals hundreds of people scheduling games. To make it easy and consistent, it would be awesome to just pull from a list rather then having everyone enter manually and in different ways. This would be a welcome story for all platform wide. 

  • Robert Bedeaux
  • Feb 4 2015
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  • Jim Pfaff commented
    18 Apr, 2018 02:15am

    This needs to happen quickly!  There should be a place where venues are entered, and schedulers/coaches pick from that list of locations.  This keeps things clean and consistent.  Should also give a warning when a venue is already scheduled so there is no double booking, and the ability to pull reports on venue usage.  Display nice google maps on the webiste, with directions on the mobile app.  SIPlay has this, why doesn't SportsEngine?

  • IYHL WEBMASTER commented
    23 Aug, 2017 03:04am

    Here is how your master facilities/venue list should look and work.  Click on a venue link and see what I mean:

  • IYHL WEBMASTER commented
    18 Aug, 2016 03:51am

    I concur on League Athletics.  Their facility integration was a bright spot.  I could program in all the facilities our teams might play at (northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan) and they were integrated with the event management.  Schedulers would pick the Location from our existing facility list so it was the same, every time.  In addition, they built in a google maps link for every location so you could bring up area amenities near each facility through google maps....worked great on the road through the app.

  • Robert Boucher commented
    20 Aug, 2015 10:22pm

    A single venue page (without direct links) isn't that useful.  Splitting them out into separate entities that we can link to would be more helpful.  Be sure to include all the info (Address would be nice!).

  • Brenden Pautsch commented
    20 Jul, 2015 04:01pm

    In the Venue repository, each venue should have a default page with Address, Contact Info and a Map.  w are switching from League Athletics and they had a facility repository that worked great.

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