Improve method for teams to track their approval status for tournaments and events

TL;DR - Either provide an admin only question that is viewable by a registrant in their entry, OR provide ability to have a question that is not editable by a user during their session.


It's fairly common for tournaments to have an approval process before allowing a team to participate in their event.  For liability reasons, tournament/event based organizations often require that, after a team has registered, each individual on their roster must go through a separate registration session to sign a waiver and/or provide additional info (proof of eligibility, birth certificate, etc).

As of now, there isn't a good way for teams to track which individuals have gone through the separate registration session. This causes teams to be stuck in limbo, and leads to a ton of emails to administrators asking which individuals the team still needs to chase down.

By having a field within registration that isn't editable by a user, or an admin only field that can appear in their entry, teams can easily track their approval status by viewing their registration entry, and see which athletes have/haven't signed the waiver.

This a growing need by our event based clients, and is a feature offered by multiple competitors. 

  • Braden Schrupp
  • Sep 14 2016
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Tournament
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