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Addition of Revenue/Discount Codes To Adjust Balances

Our club has a number of reasons that we may choose to adjust a player's season dues.  For example: injury proration, scholarship, Work For Play Credit, fundraising, Director Discount, etc.  Most of these "discounts" happen after the player has registered for the season.  We need the ability to apply a discount, with a code, against their balance.  The parent should be able to see the adjusted balance and the discount that has been applied.  

  • Eric Schulze
  • Sep 9 2016
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  • Ricky Espinoza commented
    23 Jun, 2017 05:54pm

    This is something that really needs to be addressed.  There needs to be a way to apply player credit or discount to a balance.  This is a must in my scenario because there are too many variables.  The work arounds with Power Play is not a viable option.  It is difficult enough to get parents on board with signing up the first time.  Getting parents to go in and setup different payments manually is just not right.

  • Eric Schulze commented
    9 Sep, 2016 05:10am

    Of course, it would be assumed that we would be able to run a report that would allow us to see these discounts/credits applied.

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