Allow Multiple Discount Codes

The current discount system has two options, multi-use code, and single use code.  Both of these options will only allow a registration to use the code once from each set of discounts you have created.  For example, I have a single use code worth $50, and it has 25 codes that I can distribute to my membership.  If a family earns two of these discount codes, they can only use one of them at registration, even though the codes are unique.  This is because the two unique codes are from the same set of discount codes, and are treated as the same in the system.

I think there needs to be a third option here that allows multiple uses, but still has a list of unique codes.  This would allow us to track who has used each code that we have distributed, while allowing a family to try to earn multiples.

  • Ron Heigh
  • May 17 2016
  • Future consideration
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  • Ian R commented
    17 Jul 09:02pm

    This is also a beneficial scenario should a family need to register multiple kids in one checkout. We have a one-time use discount code per child that we are using (due to covid). It would be unfortunate to have to perform multiple checkouts for one family.

    They should be able to apply stack multiple discounts on a checkout.

    When creating the one-time use code, the creator should have the option/capability to apply the one-time use discount per registration item, or to the bottom line of the checkout. If we are able to apply the discount to the bottom line (and not per item), I think stacking discount codes may be easier to implement (IMO). As it is today, the discounts are per "store" item.

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