Allow the ability to transfer a registration to a different age group

Within our soccer program we need to have the ability to transfer a player from one age group to another age group if they decide to "play up" an age level.  We have three age groups for both boys and girls based on birthdays. Some kids have birthdays that put them in a younger age group then their classmates and for these kids we allow them the option of "playing up" . On our previous registration system, we could go into the registration and move the player to the new age group so they show up in the correct age group for all reports. 

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  • Feb 7 2020
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Baseball/Softball, Soccer
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  • Ian R commented
    14 Feb 20:26

    I submitted a similar issue back in September 2019 (REG-I-245)


    The problem I see here, is that the players are setup as inventory, and that's not really the case.  Based on Birthdays, Parent's  wishes, and kids abilities they need to be able to fluidly move from one division/age group or another.    (i.e. "Playing Up" or "Playing Down").


    Moving them within the registration is easy, as one can just edit the registration entry.  But what it does not allow for charging the Fee difference.  You can issue a Refund and that shows up on the order, but what about playing up?  Well, now I need to charge the parents a fee difference.  Now I have to create a separate invoice that is completely unrelated to the order entry for the Player.   It makes it a little harder to track if the parents were charged or not and if it was for this particular registration.