Better complex Filtering on Registration Reports and/or Rostering Pages

As a more advanced user, I would like the ability to have better filtering when creating reports.  


In most cases today, you can only do "Match All" fields (i.e. Logical AND), or "Match Any" field (i.e. Logical OR).  In the case of Registration reports, you can also do a Logical OR if and only if the Field is the same field, this cannot be done if the Fields are different.


For example:  

  • If I have a field called "League", and let's say the options are 10U, 11U, 12U.  I can create a logical OR for the "League" field and say if the condition is 10U or 11U.  No issues there.

  • If I have the same "League" field, and let's say there's a second field called "Play Up" where the options are Yes, No, Tryout.   
    • In this case I can create a filter to match "All" (logical AND) for "League"=10U and "Play Up"="Yes"
    • OR I can create a filter to match "Any", "League"=10U or "Play Up" = "Yes"
    • No issues here

  • Now let's say there's a 3rd field, here's where it gets tricky.  Let's say the third field is "Position" where the options are 1B, 2B, 3B (limited to keep it somewhat simple)
    • In this case I can create a filter to match "All", "League"=10U, "Play Up"=Yes, and "Position"=1B
    • OR match any "League"=10U, "Play Up"=Yes, or "Position"=1B
    • But What I can't do is say if "League"=10U and ("Play Up"=Yes or "Position"=1B)

These more complicated filters "mixed" filters would be beneficial in creating reports.

  • Ian R
  • Jan 13 2020
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