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For our sport (water polo) we don't generally run leagues.  Instead a club will host a weekend tournament, sanctioned by USAWP.  Each event requires its own roster to be submitted and we have to enter the event at least 3-4 weeks in advance, so we need to know exactly who will be there.  Not every athlete will play in every tournament, and some teams (A-team vs. B-team, for example) will play in different events on the same weekend.   Currently, in order to get athletes registered for each event it requires they sign up on a separate registration form for each - having to enter their info in each time.   We know several months in advance which tournaments we want to enter, so it would be nice to be able to schedule events on the calendar, then allow the member to simply click a check box for each future event they will participate in, with a separate registration/member list for each event.    This way a family can schedule which events they will be in easily.  The problem now is that often parents will wait to fill out a registration form until after the entry deadline, because it is a pain to fill out multiple registration forms.    It was suggested that a single registration with all events be used, I don't know if that creates an issue after they have filled it out and then change their mind after - particularly if the event on the form has already passed.  With a page that simply has check boxes for each event in the future, they will always only see upcoming events (rather than past events) if they want to update the info.   For whatever it is worth, other platforms (Club Assistant & Water Polo Central for example) offer this functionality.

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  • Apr 11 2019
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