Force a player to complete a registration at any time.

It would be nice to add registrations that are required for specific use cases. (new season, new required waiver, collect new data during existing season, ect)

Example would be a player is already on a team in a season, and the league wants to introduce a new waiver or agreement that it needs to collect from everyone.  

Alternatively, this also helps if a league/team manager wants to add players to a roster and then send them an invite (if rostering requirement is turned off). They still need that player to create an account/login and go through the registration process because it may contain required waivers. But as soon as they complete that, they are already on the team and ready to go, and the manager can continue with their work....No need to do the rostering, which for a larger league could contain hundreds of players.


My specific use case is I am setting up a season with teams, and I want to add managers to each team, and then let them setup their roster by simply providing a list of names and email addresses. This can already be done if Rostering Settings for: "Only allow rosters to be created with registered players" is unchecked. However, I want that same setting, but ALSO then requiring the players when invited to have to go through a specific registration that collects waiver information.  With the Rostering setting of  "Only allow rosters to be created with registered players" checked, managers have to wait to create their roster as they trickle in.




  • Avi Goldyne
  • Apr 11 2019
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Baseball/Softball
Organization type League
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