These are my suggestions...

Why does a report go back to unfiltered when you click "back"?

Why do reports sort by registration date?

If you click on the last name to sort the report, why does it default to Z to A?

Why can't we set up our own defaults for reports?

It would be nice if we could set up a default report that doesn't require us to deselect all the financial and extra data stuff OR

It would be nice if when you filtered a report, it would offer an option to create a "check-in" list (present/absent) alphabetically.

We still would like a way to deposit donation checks into a player's account, from an admin side.

When you send a message and want to see who it is being sent to or want to go back at a later date to make sure somebody specific was sent the email, if they aren't in the first few names, it just says "and 15 more". It would be very helpful to be able to see who it was sent to.

When you send a message, you should be able to "select all" and then deselect one or two people if necessary. If I'm sending a message to 100 people, but want to leave out 3 people, for example, there is no other way to do it, than to click the 97 that I want it to go to.

Why can I not attach a document to a message using the "people" method of emailing a team.

And why can I not select a coach or additional person to send a message to, if I'm using the registration of a program to email? (Since I can't email the stats using the member directory, and I can't include the coach using the program's registration mail option, there is no way for the coach to get the email/stats without a lot of additional cut and paste and then sending it through a regular email.)


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  • Feb 13 2019
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