Auto-Place Players To Teams

Here is another suggestion that might really elevate your platform and alleviate admin frustration. Create a feature that allows all registered users within individual age groups to be placed on teams based on a minimum and maximum size for teams. Or once players have been registered, when rostering, you can select "Auto-Place" and it automatically and randomly places players on teams. This would save hours of time and create a fairness to the selection process. USYS defines "Recreation Soccer" as:

  • Recreational Player – a player who is randomly assigned to a team without regard to his/her abilities and skills. 
  • Recreational Team – teams formed randomly to play soccer.
  • Recreational League – leagues composed of teams formed in a random manner.

Help us create a world in which all clubs participate in fair play by utilizing "Auto-Generate" or "Auto-Placement" of players on Recreation Teams. In no way am I suggesting that competitive players should be considered the same. Those players tryout and are specifically selected for specific teams. This should be an option to turn on or turn off based on the program. Another good article taken from Bluesombrero. Click here to review.

  • Club Admin
  • Aug 21 2017
  • Future consideration
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
Organization type Association/Club
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  • HYA Admin commented
    October 24, 2017 15:50

    I think this would be an extremely valuable resource for any sport. Even for programs that have used skill ranking tryouts with multiple teams. The Blue Sombrero source is a perfect model as it enables several criteria to be implemented.

    Our organization struggles with holding player drafts where sometimes the adults drafting have ulterior motives and the teams become unbalanced as a result. Taking it out of their hands and assigning them their Auto-Placed teams would be a welcome solution.

    Please consider this Sports Engine.

  • Admin
    Jessica Pitzel commented
    April 14, 2018 18:26

    Thanks HYA Admin, great feedback.  Our goal is to make the rostering process as easy and streamlined for Teams.  This is a great idea and I can see the benefit of having this feature within our rostering product.