Autofill fields should be selectable from account holder fields

While using registrations, some of the fields were marked as "Auto Fill from Past Response?". Unfortunately they were picking up responses that were not necessarily from the correct person. We request on different pages the Player's Name and info (Participant) and the Parent/Guardian's Name and info. When the field was set to autofill, it picks up the info that was previously entered as Player's.

I'd suggest that the autofill on Advanced Options have a way to select whether it's the account holder (assumed to  be the parent/guardian) or the player (who are you registering).

This would help the person registering as much of the data could already be stored in their profile and be reused from form to form.

  • Jason Schwartz
  • Mar 21 2017
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  • Jason Schwartz commented
    24 Mar, 2017 03:23pm

    Updates to original idea:

    1. I noticed during the registration process the customer selects "New Player" when asked who are you registering. This "New Player" dialog only asks for First and Last Name. Additional information can be collected and stored in the Profile - Household section (DOB, Address, Gender, E-mail Address, etc.).

    This information should be collected on the initial "New Person" dialog (with or without the mandatory entry flag set). Allowing the customer to enter the data once on the initial screen will likely allow the auto-fill fields to be populated and giving the customer less to type for each form.

    The odds are the customer won't go back and enter the data in the Household section (or even know to go there and store the data for future use). This is a missed opportunity to collect vital information.


    Once this information is collected and stored, the auto-fill fields would populate the correct information for the Player selected.

    2. If the "Account Holder" is the parent, the Player is the child. Many of our forms require the player's info and then the Parent/Guardian info (for contact and emergencies). If the form can properly identify the person to auto-fill, it will minimize the amount of duplicate data needed on each registration.

    Conversely, if the auto-filled information is different than the stored info, it could ask the customer if they want to update their profile.

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