KML Element in Registration

Add a new question type in Registration that would allow the user to input a KML file and an address block as part of the question creation process. This reg element would then have a set of depended question associated with each zone of the KML file which would direct the registrant to a specific store item. For example, when registering for a tournament, if I register for a local tournament, I get a cheaper rate since it is in my home zone. The user would input their address and then based on that data entered it would query the KML file and then direct to the correct question.

  • Import KML
  • Geocode address
  • Determine if geocoded address within boundary of zone
  • Take zone result and send to dependent question
  • If geo-coding fails, we need to send it back


  • Robert Bedeaux
  • Jan 22 2015
  • Unlikely to Implement
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