Make Safari a primarily-supported browser.

Our SE site not optimized for (and sometimes not working in) Safari causes our volunteer organization great angst, delays, and to lose registrants.  You support Chrome and Firefox.  Google Chrome is, by far, the most installed web browser and is normally the default browser on the most widely used mobile operating system, Android.  Surely, it should be supposed.  In contrast, those users of Firefox understand not all sites are optimized for their favorite browser and almost assuredly have Chrome as a backup.  However, Safari is the default browser of the iOS of the most sold mobile phone and tablet hardware, the iPhone and the iPad.  Mac computers, which also ship with only Safari and have Safari as a default browser, seem to continuously grow in popularity.  The traditional computer is also being replaced (if not in its entirety, at least for many tasks) by the more portable (and growingly robust) mobile phone and tablet. In a juxtaposition to the Firefox users, the Mac, iPhone and iPad users simply do not have the interest (and often not the knowledge of or technical interest) in another browser, and even though Chrome is free, they would never think of looking for it and installing it as an option.  If they did, what percentage would know how to change the default browser?  It is essential you optimize and consistently support Safari, even if it means dropping Firefox.

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  • Jan 15 2019
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