Custom Team Color set by User for Calendar

Any parent that has multiple kids in a sport can often have their default view in the app showing all events as the same color. 

The webmaster shouldn't have to set a color as most teams have 2-3 colors, but 20+ teams. So a team w/ colors of black, blue, and white - doesn't want lime-green on a team page.


But a parent who uses the app simply to see their kids schedule - they should be able to select their own colors for their own calendar view.


Hopefully the screenshot shows what I'm talking about.  These two teams happen to be "white" and "blue", but as a webmaster - I don't want to designate a team as Lime-green or anything that doesn't coincide with our primary colors.  But as a parent - on their own device - they should be.  We have parents with 4 kids in the program all on different teams.

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  • Oct 19 2018
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