Add Calendar View in Mobile App

  • Dan Myhre
  • Apr 22 2016
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  • Robert Bedeaux commented
    April 22, 2016 18:32

    Hi Dan,

    Thanks for the idea. Question for you. How would you use a calendar view for the schedule? If you have any examples from other apps that you are thinking of that would be great too.



  • Dan Myhre commented
    April 26, 2016 02:42

    Hi Rob -

    This would be most useful to see at a glance what we have upcoming from a team perspective. I am thinking a monthly view would be most useful.  For example, being able to see where there are holes in our schedule to be able to slot in practices, etc.  An example would the calendar app month view on the iPhone or Android.  Highlighting the days that have something scheduled and being able to tap or hard press (iPhone) to view the details in a popup.

    The current list view in the app is sometimes hard to read with the way it refreshes.  It also show past events and has headings (the day and date) that are smaller than the events under them which is confusing when you are trying to find one in particular.


  • Jason Schwartz commented
    August 11, 2016 23:28

    Hi Rob and Dan,

    If you were thinking of a month view on mobile, it might be a bit tough as the device is a bit small for that kind of view. I'd love it if the app could default to a view of Today's Events or a Daily View (or at least a tab at the bottom) that would display all the teams the user has selected as a favorite,


    Right now you have Favorites and Account at the bottom. Adding a third tab for "Calendar" would help.

  • Dan Myhre commented
    February 17, 2017 16:22

    This can be closed as a calendar was added to the new "Schedule" view in the iOS app.