Quick Account Switching

As a Parent and a club board member, I have two SE accounts. In order to use the app for Club Board Member communication at the moment would have to log out of my personal (Parent/Guardian) account, then log into the club account. This is clunky and will never happen thus creating lazy members who will start crossing their club communication with their personal communication. If you have ever used the gmail app or any other google app for that matter you can keep more than one account logged in and quickly switch between accounts. I cannot tell you how many times a day I switch between my personal, work, and lacrosse club email accounts... at least 30 times a day.

  • Jeff Lancial
  • Mar 14 2018
  • Unlikely to Implement
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Association/Club
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  • Robert Bedeaux commented
    March 22, 2018 19:12

    Hi there, Curious to why you have two accounts since both can cover both facets of your sports involvement.

  • Jeff Lancial commented
    April 02, 2018 19:19

    @Robert Bedeaux The reason for having two is so that when a new person takes over a board position there is no need to disconnect any personal info or accounts, athletes etc. from the user account. that way permissions and whatnot live with the board member account and not with the individual.

  • Robert Bedeaux commented
    April 10, 2018 20:13

    Ah! OK. I was thinking it was a personal account. Understand now..thanks for the clarification .