ScoreKeeper App Audio

We currently use the ScoreKeeper app with our Ipad/Ipad Minis for all of our league games and it's a great tool. What would be amazing to see/hear is audio. For example: you have a Bluetooth adapter connected to your audio system at the rink which is then connected to your tablet (Ipad/Ipad mini)...when the game has officially started you can then hear goals scored (when clicked and saved in the app) and then also tells you the score of the game as well. The reason why I have this idea is because we do not have referees or scorekeepers and by doing this will save players constantly asking..."hey do you know what the score is?"

Hopefully this is something that can be implemented into the app, and it would be pretty amazing to hear your name over the PA system when you score your first goal.

  • Ron Francis
  • Feb 7 2018
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Ice Hockey
Organization type League
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