Allow coaches to control notifications for event updates

Sometimes events are added, changed, or deleted, and users don't need to be notified from the app. Sometimes, a notification (particularly with a recurring event) can cause confusion if not read carefully. Currently, it seems you can only Disable a team in order to create events without notifying mobile users, and the Enable it after. When you're in the screen to create/edit/delete an event, it should ask you if you want to push notifications or not.

  • Garrett Terlaak
  • May 23 2017
  • Shipped
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Team
  • Sep 10, 2019

    Admin Response

    This functionality is now available on iOS 5.21.3 and Android 5.21.1. On the edit screen for games and events, users will now see a "Notify Team" toggle. When enabled, it will send push notifications when that event is changed. If turned off, it will not send a notification for that event update.

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