Improve Team RSVP features so players can see everyone's status. Also improve RSVP process

I would like to discuss some improvement features for the SportsEngine app that our users have commented that they miss from another app that they use (TeamSnap).
First: the ability for team (players) to see RSVP status of the other team mates. Currently it appears that only those with web admin privileges can see Team RSVP's
Second: the ability for users to see the whole schedule and check their status for season.  Now an invitation must be sent for each event, and users must go into each game separately to indicate their status.
I hope that you (company) are monitoring the competition, and are able to note some of their features that may be considered for your app.
I understand that there may be differences between the use of apps for youth vs adult team management. In our case, USA Bandy, we feel these features would make the app much better for the players.
Neal Logan
  • Neal Logan
  • Jan 9 2017
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  • Dec 28, 2017

    Admin Response

    All rostered players can see the RSVP status of each player. See the attached screenshot. I am logged in as Devin Lawrence, who has not RSVPed yet. I can see above my name that Alexander George has.

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  • Dan Myhre commented
    February 17, 2017 16:18

    I agree, any rostered player should be able to see RSVP status.  However, since each club/team have different needs, this should be a configuration setting at the team page level.