League/Member Administration via the Mobile App

Most everything is mobile these days, Administrations should be able to do League management via the Mobile App (all of the same features that the web version does).


Even if it has to be a separate Mobile app (Like "Sports Engine Administrator App" or something).  Most leagues do a lot of administrative things remotely and are not sitting at a desk.  This should also be the case here.

  • Ian R
  • Nov 22 2019
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type League
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  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    15 Jan 18:34

    Ian, thanks for submitting. What thinks would you hope to do for League Management in a mobile app? Thanks!

  • Ian R commented
    15 Jan 19:24

    Hi Mark,


    We don't necessarily have a set office (i.e. a dedicated space with laptops or workstations,  etc.).  More often than not we are at the field.   


    But stuff like Rostering would be one, registration reports, creating registrations,  perhaps sending league emails to everyone on the registration (can be around 200 to 300 people in the registration). Assigning groups or permissions (I'm constantly being asked for permissions). 


    Financials, group chat for non-registration folks.  Like a chat for administrators or board members.   Posting news events to our news feed (it'd be great to be able to do that at the field).  Ability to edit the website and create teams. If one could add field management, that'd be sweet!


    In any case,  as a Software Developer myself, I know that's alot to ask and develop all at once (for sure) and would need to be prioritized.  But this would be a feature that could improve our ability to manage our organization.  Especially as an organization that does not have dedicated office space.    There may be others with a short list as well, and would open it up to them.

  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    15 Jan 20:54

    Thanks, Ian! This helps a lot. At least knowing some of the functionality that would be valuable, helps us to focus in and prioritize improvements and new opportunities for value creation.