Break out notification settings for media or Change notification behavior for Photos

Getting notified for every single uploaded photo is understandably annoying to users and really needs to be changed.

We just activated photos for one of the teams in our organization and discovered this feature. When a user uploads photos to a team webpage all the app users for that team get notified of every single photo being uploaded to the site.

Often with youth teams that can be 50 or more notifications if you have an active parent photographer or multiple parents taking photos. A more curated photog may be more discerning but the fact that the site allows for user uploads makes this notification dump a reality.

In trying to inform my users, I discovered that you cannot turn off notifications specifically for photos within the app - unfortunately because photos are bundled with news articles under Media notifications I cannot suggest turning that off since the news article notifications are most important to our users. 

So... my suggestion is either to further breakdown the media notification settings for users to turn off OR on the admin side of the website allow the webmaster to control how users are notified regarding photos. A notification of a batch upload may be preferred or turning off notifications about photos altogether may be another option.

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  • Mar 29 2019
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    Mark Kamyszek commented
    17 Apr 12:40

    Thank you for the feedback! I agree that a notification for each upload is troublesome. I will log this as a future enhancement. Thank you, again! -Mark