Allow merging two profiles from different accounts

The system of account owners, guardians, contacts, and athletes works great as long as no one ever makes a mistake, ever, during any process of registering for an activity. Once a parent slips up and creates a duplicate athlete profile under a different account than was normally used for registrations, there is no way to fix it. It is already possible to merge athlete profiles under a single owner account. I propose extending the same functionality to different owner accounts. I understand that one of the previous owners will no longer be the owner of the merged profile. At least the registration history will be preserved. I am an administrator at the team and club levels with different organizations. I spend too much time dealing with duplication in the SportsEngine system. Duplicate profiles in different accounts makes it very confusing for parents, and difficult for administrators to troubleshoot problems.

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  • Jun 12 2019
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Association/Club
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