Need more insight/control over the Suppression/Blacklist

My understanding is that if an email user has marked a SportsEngine emial as spam, or if the email bounced for whatever reason, eventually that email address can end up on SportsEngine's Suppression Blacklist. I've had this happen a half dozen times on the sites I manage. The problem is that there is absolutely NO way to know when this happens. In my experience the way we find out is that a month or two goes by, and the athlete has missed a game email, or some other event, and the parent comes to us and says "I haven't received an email from you in a month". Obviously it'd be good to hear that sooner, but that's the reality that we're working with. 

Several times I have spent time looking at their account settings, or their notification settings, and going back and forth, only to eventually reach out to support to find out that they're on this Suppression list. The SE Rep will remove them and then it all works. 

The frustrating part? It's entirely possible that the email they marked as spam came from some other organization. Ugh. 

I'd like to see some combination of:

-A notification to all admins when a member of our site was added to the list.

-Some ability for admins to see this list as part of their "I didn't get an email" troubleshooting

-Ability for admins to be able to remove people from this list, if possible

-Better working relationship between Comcast and SE, since they are Comcast addresses nearly 100% of the time, for whatever reason. 

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  • Apr 15 2019
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