Change Pitch Count Rules to be League Age Based

The current choices for pitch count eligibility is overly complicated and makes it impossible for some divisions to utilize eligibility because the age group differences do not allow for the selection of an eligibility model that applies. For example - Many Juniors divisions have 13, 14 _and_ 15 year old players. In this case the thresholds are different between 13-14 and 15's.

The simple solution is to change the 'engine' to use a set of thresholds by age (league age) so that any player of any age can have eligibility calculated for them.

Moreover, Little League has from time-to-time made small tweaks to the thresholds for a certain age group. By changing to a direct age basis, changes will be simpler to maintain and apply.

Finally - once the basis has changed to thresholds by age... leagues that are not little league or who have adopted stricter pitch count thresholds may create their own, and have them applied (similar to registrations).

There is a great example of this application in the Big Time Coach Pitch Counter app on iTunes that not only allows for Little League thresholds, but users can create their own as well.

In the long run - I believe this will benefit a wider SportsEngine baseball - or softball - user base.

  • Carl Rendell
  • Jul 18 2016
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Baseball/Softball
Organization type League
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  • Chris Franco commented
    27 Mar, 2017 04:43pm

    This is huge in youth sports today.  Pitch counts and the tracking of and the protection of young arms.  Protecting young arms has been argued pro and con since time out of mind let's leave that to another forum. The ability to enter your leagues governing body rules for age and or pitch count is invaluable.  The algorithm should then immediately show you who is eligible to pitch on any given day and/or what is the next day they can go - or the amount of days rest the pitcher still needs to fulfill before they can pitch again...The state of Illinois Athletic Association recently instituted pitch counts so its not just youth sports.  Get with the times SE and modify this most important ability on the website.

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