Add standings point adjustment to calculated standings points

We need a field that can be used to adjust the automatically calculated standings points by a +/- value without having to do a complete override of the base points, which is how the misnamed "extra points" field works (see idea LEAGUE-I-8). 

Please add a new field "adjust points" that can have a +/- value to make an adjustment to the calculated base standings points based on the Win, Lose, Tie result without losing the ability to have bonus points calculated based on other factors as would happen using the Custom Points method.

For example, using Rugby Union with Bonus Points, a win is 4, a tie is 2, and a loss is 0 and then bonus points are added based on 4+ tries or loss by 7 or less.  I would like to add a point to each team's calculated value by putting a +1 value into an "adjust points" field for both teams so that it effectively calculates the value as 4+1=5 for a win, 2+1=3 for a tie, and 0+1=1 for a loss and still adds the bonus points appropriately based on the stats added (tries) and margin of victory.

The work around to many standings scenarios is to use custom points, but that doesn't work well in this scenario because when we use custom points we lose the benefit of the automatically assigned bonus points, adding administrative overhead to maintaining scores for games and linking them to stats. I imagine that the same issue exists for other predefined standings points methods besides the one we're using.


1. Add new fields to allow an amount to be specified to incrementally adjust whatever gets calculated for standings points on the game for the home and/or away team.  (Custom points does not fully address this request -- it must work for Rugby Union with Bonus Points and other predefined templates.)

2. Add the new fields to the game upload template so it can be preset on games that are uploaded.

3. Add an option to display the cumulative adjusted value in the standings as a separate column (similar to the way bonus points are a separate column). Make it so the name of the column can be specified in tool settings for the league.

If these all couldn't be done at the same time, I would put priority on the three components in the order listed.

  • Todd Fouts
  • Apr 19 2016
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Rugby
Organization type Governing Body
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