Allow rename of League and Division for display in standings

Currently in the standings it shows the division records in the rightmost column when tracking records at the league level.  The problem is that we call our leagues "division" and our divisions "conference". It causes confusion. We just need a setting site-wide or perhaps at the league level to override the word "league" and the word "division" with another word.  This is causing a lot of confusion for us.  See the attached image for an example of how it looks like what we consider the conference record is displayed with a title suggesting incorrectly that it is the division record.

  • Todd Fouts
  • Apr 14 2016
Frequency Daily
Organization type Governing Body
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  • Todd Fouts commented
    19 Apr, 2016 06:55pm

    Let me clarify, as I realized what I originally posted might be confusing. 


    I realize that with Custom Points we can specify override names for all the columns, but when using a predefined scoring system (in our case Rugby Union with Bonus Points), the ability to override column names is not available. All I'm asking for is the same ability in a predefined setting to override what the columns are called when displayed in the standings.

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