Lock the standings for Playoffs

Another pain point for playoffs for a league as large as USABL is management the playoffs. The current playoff option is not efficient for larger league. What we need to do as of now is upload the games as normal games.


  • No one knows what seeding they are.
  • If there is no opponent you cannot post the game


  • Once you lock the standings in assign teams rankings so when you upload any games after xyz date for that particular division put the seeding (Bulldogs #1) on the site.
  • Just like you have for the tourney tool for games without opponents allow the website to enter Winner of XYZ game or lowest seed. This way teams know where they are going the next should they win.
  • Brian Delahant
  • Nov 9 2015
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Baseball
Organization type League
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