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Assign officials to games

It would be helpful to be able to assign an official or umpire to each game.  If the game is rescheduled or canceled, then team managers would have the information to contact the official.  Would also be nice to notify official automatically if there is any change in the game status.  

  • NYBA President Travel Baseball
  • Nov 5 2015
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball, Football, Ice Hockey, Soccer, Volleyball, Baseball, Softball
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  • Chris Franco commented
    27 Mar, 2017 03:32pm

    I would love to see this functionality on the website as well.  I want to fully support and grow sports engine as I am part of three different leagues/sports that use it with the latest addition of the baseball league I am a part of who are now using sports engine.  I am finding it lacking in functionality though.  There should be a way to modify a game for whatever reason and have the ability to alert everyone, both teams parents, league officials, umpires, field crew etc...having to modify a game then go manually notify everyone is more steps than necessary.  Adding onto this there should be a field status page where the field crew or league official should be able to simply flip a switch from green to red or open to close for every game field which then cancels that game for the day and notifies everyone involved as well.

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