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Add ability to make stats private

As a coach, I would like to be able to collect stats for my players but not necessarily show those publicly on the website. Right now, any stat that is collected has to be shown on the website. Add a new setting that allows me to collect stats, but also keep them private. This would be used for tracking player practice and evaluations.

  • Robert Bedeaux
  • Oct 23 2015
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Team
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  • Mark Ondrey commented
    29 Oct, 2015 04:25pm

    Thanks for the link and info Brenden. I stepped through this same help page and we are looking for even a bit more of a lockdown than the solution provides. For example, creating the widget and creating a new private page is a good start, but we would want to restrict this page even further. Within the permission setups for the new private page in a team, there isn't a way to keep webmasters and our team admins from viewing. In our situation with a couple of different sports, the webmasters shouldn't have access to the player stats.

    Another situation would be the individual game box scores, and this is an unknown. We would obviously need to track the individual player details for each game in order to roll up stats. I'm wondering if by tracking the detailed stats for a game, will these details be posted in the public box score, or can they be restricted to display only team level stats?

    We've tracked stats using outside systems in the past (iScore, Game Changer), but wanted to try and find a workable solution within Sport Ngin. Certainly open to any further ideas and thanks for your help. 

  • Brenden Pautsch commented
    29 Oct, 2015 04:04pm

    According to Sport Ngin Help Page, You have to turn off the Stat page, create a widget, create a new page with permissions and add that widget.   (

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