League Game Indicator

Would like a league game indicator to location all league games vs exhibition games. Within our state league, we have both and an indicator within each game would help our coaches, teams, and administrators keep the two separate and easily identifiable. Ideally, would like to be able to pull a back-end report of all league and/or exhibition games HQ > Sport Management > Game Export ?

  • Shana Wilson
  • Jan 12 2021
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Ice Hockey
Organization type Association/Club
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  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    14 Jan 08:05pm

    Ok, thank you for the feedback and suggestion on this! I can see how this would be valuable.

  • Shana Wilson commented
    13 Jan 06:32pm

    My thought would be that coaches and teams would be able to see it on their teampage under Game Schedule (indicator of game type=league, exhibition, tournament?), which would carry over to the back-end HQ/Manage Team. Lastly, a back-end admin could access this information in the report in HQ > Competition > Sport Management > Game Export which would allow them to see all league games, scores, dates, etc. in one snapshot. Probably shouldn't forget mobile--unsure as that screenspace is pretty limited. Maybe in the event details or not at all unless minimal due to the limited amount of information you could access on mobile.

  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    13 Jan 03:53pm

    Shana, thanks for the note! Where would you want to see this type of indicator for coaches, teams and administrators?