Ability to sort schedule by venue/field

Currently the schedule sorts by date and time, resulting in lists of games scheduled for same date and time with multiple field assignments in kind of a random order. This makes it hard for league management and umpire management to determine what fields are needed when. If I could sort by field, or i t would make it a lot easier to determine where I need league officials and umpires.

As the league scheduler, it is very easy for me to look in Diamond Scheduler by field and date, but the umpire association that needs to assign umpires do not have access to this and have to use what is on the website, and it is very difficult to quickly glance at the site and determine what is needed.

If I could click on the header of the field and resort by Location in the attached screenshot, it would be much easier on them.

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  • Aug 18 2020
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Baseball/Softball, Not Sport Specific
Organization type League
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    Mark Kamyszek commented
    18 Aug 07:08pm

    Thank you for the feedback! We are working on an update that would allow a scheduler to filter their schedule on a number of criteria, including by location or facility. We expect to have this available for beta by Q4.