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Sports Engine Inc. has other sports web sites/registration sites that they own (such as League Athletics).

As a user that wants a shorter time to implement features, it would be good to have integration or feature sharing with these other companies owned by Sports Engine, Inc. I know they are still separate entities, but some code sharing could be leveraged there, I would imagine.

From a baseball perspective, League Athletics has integrated field scheduling tools (for example).

  • Ian R
  • May 7 2020
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Baseball/Softball
Organization type League
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  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    7 May 03:53pm

    Thanks for the detailed information!

  • Ian R commented
    7 May 03:29pm

    Hi Mark,

    Thanks for reaching out!

    If you look at League Athletics they have integrated field scheduling tools, just as an example. Apologies, I do not have an account at League Athletics, so I can't, with any certainty speak, to the features available at League Athletics. There may certainly be more features that could be leveraged from League Athletics, I'm just not aware of them. So

    Some desired features for field scheduling (w/ restricted permissions limited to admin, board members, head coaches, and field maintenance crew)

    • Ability to schedule/reschedule games

    • Ability to schedule practices

    • Ability to view field availability

    • Ability to schedule and notify field maintenance crew. Sometimes in between baseball games.

    • Block out the ability to schedule games or practices due to maintenance.

    • Mark the field as available/unavailable due to weather, and have it automatically reflected on the website. This must be done via the Mobile App as we do not have an a central office and have several baseball fields spread out across our community. Someone has to physically inspect each field to determine if they are ok for game play.

    • Ability to schedule umpires to a field. We have some kids (typically high school kids) who ump for the younger kids to fill a community service requirement for school.

    • Be able to do all of the above via the app as well.

    • Print out list of games and practices in a report.

      • We have to provide a report to our local Park District, a month in advance. Especially for night games. I would be nice to have the ability to provide them a link for a report they can easily generate themselves. The park district is separate from our league, so some restrictions would need to be placed there if possible.

    Again, this is more my wish list. I do not know of all of the features offered at League Athletics or perhaps the other sites owned by Sports Engine, Inc. There may be other financial features or team management features I am not not aware of. I only know they are owned by the same parent company and hoping there could be some feature/code sharing among the separate entities. Hope that helps.


    ~ Ian R.

  • Admin
    Mark Kamyszek commented
    7 May 02:51pm

    Ian, thanks for submitting. Can you provide more information about the functionality you desire with regards to field scheduling tools? Thanks!

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