Finals placeholders viewable in season schedule

Once the season is over, we play a short finals series of 1st vs 4th and 2nd vs 3rd, or similar format. We do not know the teams in these positions often until the week before the finals start. The issue is people are unable to see the games and times of finals during the regular season, and we need them to be visible from the start so people know when finals are. 

We first tried using a different Sub-Season to the Regular Season, but this was confusing as people really didn't know where to find the games and it was hidden.

To make this happen, we use custom games, but the games do not show in the Regular Season schedule.

We need an option to add 'finals' games within a Regular Season so they are view-able, easy to find and visible in our Regular Season Schedule. We also want stats to be excluded in this or have it as post season starts?

The simplest way to do this in the system is to have the Regular Season and Post Season joined together and you do not need to switch between the two (so everything is showing on the same page, yet shown separately). 

Attached is a screen shot of how Hockey Syte does this.

  • Peter King
  • Nov 12 2019
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