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Organizational admins of a particular group might be better served if you could link the locations page of the website to the scheduling of games. Maybe think about adding the function of adding a link to the schedule page from the locations page on the website. You could tie those 2 things together. Then one would not have to copy and paste a google link to location everytime a game is entered. 

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  • Oct 1 2018
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Basketball
Organization type Association/Club
  • Carl Rendell commented
    2 Oct, 2018 09:36pm

    I'm just wondering.... could you not just add a link to the "locations" page on your website for each game? Then they all have the same locations link and they can search there.

    Also, if you use the import function for games you can easily copy/paste the location url for any game or games you are importing. That makes it much easier to batch entire season games or even two or three at a time when dealing with tournaments.

    We really leverage the import functionality for game creation so that we don't use the manual game creation function much at all.

    BTW - If you import in batches you get the added benefit of being able to delete that same batch of games if there is an issue in scheduling, fields, etc. Much faster than manipulating the mass edit functions.

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