Email admins of game changes

I would like to have the ability to be notified of changes to the game schedule at the Division or League level (this feature is already supported at the team level, obviously).  The use case is that I am the officials' scheduler for our league, and there have been occasions when the Division Manager reschedules a game and fails to notify me of the change.  The de-sync in the schedule isn't noticed until either: (a) officials show up for game that doesn't exist; (b) officials go to the wrong park, (c) no officials are present for a game.  If I had the ability to subscribe to changes in the division schedule, this would not happen (or at least, it would be less likely to happen).  So I am requesting some way to automatically be notified (an email is just fine) when there's a change in the division schedule.

An alternative way to implement this might be to allow people (i..e. me) to be "ghost rostered" onto each team in the division so I'm notified along with the rest of the team in the event of an update to the team's game schedule.

  • James Fairweather
  • Apr 27 2018
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type League
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