More customized permissions

Permissions/authorizations should be able to be more customized, and able to assign based on position assignment. 

For example, we would like our Recreational coaches to be able to:

  • Email their teams/players
  • Enter game scores

But NOT:

  • Edit game information on schedules (we manage a 45+ field facility - with 200 rec coaches with access that is a recipe for disaster)
  • Have access to set up a RallyMe fund (we are a large non-profit org. A coach setting up a RallyMe under our organization's name and pocketing the $ can be disastrous and yet there is no way to turn this feature off?!)
  • Have access to the team settings
  • Have access to the apparel store

If individuals need/require more permissions because they do more within the organization, then you can add more.

Additionally, these permissions should be granted once an individual is given the position as "coach" on a team roster. 

SportsEngine has acquired LeagueAthletics/SI Play. Please look into how they managed their security/permissions for staff and consider integrating that feature into SportsEngine and allowing clubs/organizations to customize the level of permissions their coaches and staff members have other than edit and complete free for all. 

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  • Mar 27 2018
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Which sport(s) does this apply to: Soccer
Organization type Association/Club
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    Jessica Pitzel commented
    5 Apr, 2018 06:52pm

    Thanks for the suggestion.  We know that being able to personalize permissions is an important feature for clients.  We are working on making permissions more configurable so that they meet the specific needs of the organization.  RE: your last point, we have just released new rostering capabilities that will allow an admin to roster staff. Upon rostering, specific permissions will be given.  Additional team roles will be added in the future.