Additional Bracket Formats

Post season playoff single elimination brackets are automatically generated once teams are plugged in. Unfortunately there is no option to adjust the format of the bracket.

One example, a 7 team bracket automatically generates a bracket which gives the 1st seeded team a bye through the first round and the 6 remaining teams are matched up based on seeding. This may be the most common bracket for 7 teams, which is great, but in the case that you would want to have the bottom two teams matched up for a play in game, there is no option to do so. I feel this particular example could be useful in the case that you would want more parity within each playoff round., assuming that top teams in the division might be significantly stronger than than the bottom teams.

Our league currently uses additional scheduling software that provides us with multiple playoff bracket options. For example, for 6 teams we have options which include the following;  6 Teams Default, 6 Teams + Consolation, 6 Teams Best of 3, etc. This could be useful, not only for league playoffs, but for tournament formats as well.

I am unsure how many other leagues would find multiple options useful, but I feel that having the capability of manipulating the bracket would be very convenient.

  • Amanda Long
  • Mar 15 2018
Frequency Once a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Ice Hockey
Organization type League