Allow filtering of team list for rostering players

When rostering players from a registration, I want to be able to filter the list of available teams by season, league, etc... We have teams each season who may or may not reuse team names from prior seasons. Example would be "U10 Kickers". If that team name exists more than once, when the registrar goes to search "U10..." multiple team names appear and there is possibility of human error where the registrat may roster a player to a team that is not active. If we could set a filter on the team list to only show teams from the current season we are rostering for we can reduce this confusion.

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  • Feb 20 2018
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Organization type Association/Club
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    Jessica Pitzel commented
    April 14, 2018 19:15

    With the new features that have been released on 4/2/18, your request is possible using the new rostering enhancements.