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Game Field as an Entity Merged

Any sport any type of field should be an entity on the website with a switch of sorts Open or Closed.  We have 9 fields on our complex and they used to be listed right on the front page of our old website.  The field crew or responsible party for changing a game status/field status (rain out due to poor field conditions) had the ability to modify the field status between Open/Closed and when doing so this alerted (e-mailed and texted) the two managers of the teams, all parents (family members) associated with both teams, the vp of baseball, the concession stand and umpires that the field status had changed or was closed and therefore NO GAME that day for any given field.  Any youth sport, football, baseball, hockey, soccer so and on and so forth have several responsible people who need to be notified of a game cancellation not to mention the umpires and familys.  This ability was done with one flick of the switch so to speak.  Not after cancelling the game, then going to the member list and having to choose all the people you want to notify.  Less steps, less work etc. is better.  There was additionally the ability to turn that Alert off so changing the field status didnt alert anyone or alerted only specific poeple.  This is league wesbite 101 guys.  I looked and looked for a request like this on the website if I missed it my apologies.  I didnt see it so I am requesting it.

  • Chris Franco
  • Mar 27 2017
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type League
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