Allow for Invoicing as part of a registration

Our league (Baseball) often moves kids from one division or another. Some times kids play up a level, others play down. As such, playing a level up or down has a cost difference, typically more as you play up.

I am in need the ability to move kids to different divisions and allow the option to Invoice or Refund them on the fee difference.

Today as it is, if I move a kid to a different division, I have to manually refund them (which does not include the ability to say why... no history is kept).


I have to create a separate Invoice, which means I have to find the proper kid or parent (and hope it's not a kid with the same first and last name... yes, I've run into that with different parents). But the Invoice is not tied/connected to a registration. So I have no clue if the family has been charged the fee difference, or if I got the correct account?

In addition, moving to a different is not reflected in the "inventory" numbers? So because of this, I have no idea if we have hit the division maximums. In our baseball league, we generally have to do teams that are multiple of 11 or 12. If we don't have enough to build another team, well that becomes a problem with lots of upset parents.

  • Ian R
  • Mar 25 2020
Frequency Daily
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Baseball/Softball, Not Sport Specific
Organization type Association/Club
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