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Remove Transaction Fee in PP if paid Offline

When an org sends out a bill and has the customer pay the processing fee, it's automatically added to the total. If the customer decides to pay it offline, the admin will submit the offline payment, but the transaction fee will still remain and the bill will say it's unpaid. The only work around is to add a credit (which would be a lot of extra work, especially for multiple recipients) or mark that the offline payment was for more than it was. 

  • Jay Reed
  • Nov 30 2017
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  • Ron Jones commented
    29 Jul, 2019 03:53pm


  • Ben Gorman commented
    4 Sep, 2018 03:00pm

    We ditched the whole process of online payments because of having to credit offline check payments.  Like mentioned already, adding credits to invoices for manual check payments is a hassle.  They have to be able to select payment type which then adds the fees on depending on what payment selection they choose.  I'd also suggest reducing ACH fees and not charging the same as credit card fees...they aren't the same.  I use ACH for another vendor for my son's tournament team and they don't charge for ACH but do for Credit cards.   Not sure the reasoning but it's there and in comparison makes you wonder.

  • Jeff Meister commented
    8 Aug, 2018 11:11pm

    I fully agree with this comment.  Makes no sense and is not fair to pay fees for transactions that never occurred.  Will only drive questions about ethics and fairness, not to mention most of us are in the nonprofit arena to begin with.  

    As an organization, we would also prefer to pay for the SE Products directly through invoicing and not indirectly through inflated transaction fees.  

  • Guest commented
    6 Aug, 2018 01:51pm

    This is especially an issue if you are actually using PP for any kind of accounting. Adding a credit to "remove" the transaction fee makes it look like you are paying out a lot of credits over a season. Making the offline payment larger in order to get rid of the unpaid invoice makes it look like you are bringing in more revenue than you actually are. For clubs that need to use this to actually track finances, these workarounds mess up any financial reporting.

  • Guest commented
    6 Aug, 2018 01:48pm

    +10 votes if I could

  • Guest commented
    15 Jun, 2018 09:56pm


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