Make single use discount codes truly single use

Single use discount codes are broken, they aren't actually single use.

If I create a single use discount code for a $50 discount and provide it to a participant, then that participant registers 2 children in the same registration, the "single use" code gets applied to both children resulting in a 2X charge to our organization. This is a total failure! Single use discount codes are useless to us if we cannot have confidence in the amount it will cost our organization. If I expect to give someone a $50 discount and they get a $150 discount by registering 3 children, that's a completely unacceptable situation!

The SportsEngine documentation "solves" this by essentially saying "Tell your users not to register more than 1 kid at a time." This will not work. Users very regularly do not follow instructions, or forget to follow instructions. In a large organization, it is time consuming to track every registration and make certain the discount codes only charged what was expected. Too much work!

Registering multiple kids is a logical thing to do. Using the discount code is logical. The way the single use discount codes work is broken and inconsistent.

Because I cannot rely on single use discount codes to only apply the defined amount, I'm unable to use them to span seasons, ie create a code in 2020 for use in 2021 season. By 2021, I'm afraid I will have forgotten to track the code and make sure it didn't inflate to 2X-3X the value because it got applied to multiple children! And by that time the user will have forgotten the instructions to "only register one kid at a time".

This needs to be fixed, otherwise single use discount codes are nearly useless for registration purposes.

  • Greg Brown
  • Jan 10 2020
Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
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