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CONSOLIDATED Financial Reports!!

I just need a consolidated report that breaks down the contents of every deposit we get for registrations and invoicing: Deposit ID (so I can find which items are included in which deposits), Deposit date, amount, fee, net and description (our locations are broken out in the description field). The problem is, no report does this does this... and some days have multiple deposits and I can't tell which transactions are included in the deposit.

Support has said that to accomplish this, I will need to pull 4 separate reports; 2 for registrations and 2 for invoices and cross reference to see what is included in each deposit. But it takes forever and sometimes I can't get them to match up because there is no deposit ID to match transactions to the specific deposit. Also for the description information I need to separate our locations is not there either.  This is an accounting disaster. Argh! We see hundreds of transactions a month and this is not working for me. This is our first season on SE  and we put a lot of resources into setting this up... but I had no idea the reporting would be this bad.

All of this information is in the system - why can't I just get it all in one report?! I would even settle for one report on all registrations and one on all invoice related deposits. Just eliminate the cross referencing. SO frustrated.

  • Kim Knight
  • Oct 29 2019
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