PowerPay - Edit Both Specific Dates & Amounts on a payment plan

PowerPay is like 98% of the way there in its implementation...and please correct me if I have this wrong...

But we get a lot of requests like this:

"I need to set up a payment plan for my $1000 tuition. I can pay $100 on 3/1, then $80 on 3/10, then $150 on 3/20, etc"

I can eventually set this up in PowerPay, but it takes multiple steps. In the payment terms setup, I am able to set the custom dates, and that works great. But the payment amount breakdown is limited to equal payments, or a percentage...which often leads to payments like $102, $81, or $147 instead of the ones the parent wants. Once I issue this slightly wonky invoice/payment plan, I can go back in and edit the amounts to match the request. But it takes another step and from what I am hearing, the recipient only gets an email with the original dates/amounts, not the revised one that matches their request. 

The ability to set the exact dates, and exact payment amounts (not percentages) would make PowerPay nearly perfect in my book. 

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  • Feb 13 2019
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