PowerPay Terms - Need more than 12 payments

We have a high tuition segment of our org (HS players), some of whom need to extend their payment terms beyond the default max of 12. I can't think of a reason why SE would limit that functionality to 12, so I'm hoping it's as easy as changing a setting. We've had parents ask to pay weekly for a year, so my ask would be to increase the max number of payments to 52. 


The impact is that right now I'm having to break apart, and keep track of outside of SE, tuition into multiple invoices...with the second one not starting until the first is complete. The impact to our families is that in order for the second one to start, they have to make a manual payment on the second invoice. Not a great experience. 

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  • Feb 13 2019
Frequency Monthly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Lacrosse
Organization type Association/Club
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