PowerPay needs better financial reporting

Can you please consider adding an "Export" feature that allows us to export financial data and transactions for a time period?  The reporting that exists on the web page is very insufficient when trying to easily see what all the remaining balances are for all the open invoices and allow a organization to follow up with calls to members or other collection efforts.  


I also suggest that the invoice status functionality is looked at.  We have invoices that are listed as "Unpaid" and "Past Due" that are inaccurate.  When an unpaid invoice is voided, it get locked as "Unpaid" which is not helpful in any way.  We also have an invoice that has a payment Dispute logged, which locks the invoice in the "Past Due" status and I have no way to do anything about it.  I have tried Tech Support and they do not have anything they can offer either.  Only option is to do nothing at this point.


Thank you for your help and consideration on these items!

  • Jeff Meister
  • Aug 8 2018
Frequency Weekly
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