Provide a transaction/payout report with sales item detail

We have optional items we "sell" during registration -- football gear and cheer gear.  When I get a payout in my back account, I can't easily reconcile how much of the payout to allocate to jersey sales for example.  We also have payment plans which make it more difficult because sometimes the payouts include partial payments.  The partial payments seem to affect the "amount collected" in the sales item report so I can't use that to match up the payout.  Plus it doesn't have refunds on it.

payout report - not enough detail - only distinguishes payout based on registration
transaction report - not enough detail - provides info only on the on registration and the order number - not the actual sales items - very close to what I need - just one more level of detail.
order report - only has the orders and payment status
sales item report - has the detail I need but not the payout amount by date payed out.  The "amount collected" changes as scheduled payment are collected so it doesn't work for reconciling payouts.
Those are the only financial reports available.  None of them really give me what I need.  I can't be the only one who has this issue.
  • Bud Bach
  • May 29 2018
Frequency Weekly
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