If an account has a chargeback, and makes payment through the link provided, the organization should still get a notification if that new payment also does not clear.

We recently had this occur with an account, where the new payment also did not clear, however we did not receive any notification from Sports Engine like we did for the initial chargeback. Had it not been for the parent being honest and coming forward to clear up her account, we would not have known that the funds still needed to be collected, until SE pulled the funds back from our account later on. As I'm sure anyone would agree, this could be a potentially huge problem, especially with the high cost of some of our programs. I was told by support that only SE receives the notification because the new payment is essentially a new order placed directly through your system, however a feature needs to be added to notify the Club/Organization as well.

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  • Apr 26 2018
Frequency Several times a year
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Not Sport Specific
Organization type Association/Club
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