Prevent unscreened or untrained volunteers from signing up for DIBS items.

With all the new SafeSport requirements, I'd like to limit who can sign up for certain DIBS slots based on whether they have been screened, SafeSport trained, or trained for the particular item.

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  • Jun 27 2018
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Frequency Weekly
Which sport(s) does this apply to: Ice Hockey
Organization type Association/Club
  • Jun 29, 2018

    Admin response

    You can do this today. If you make the dibs session close (require being placed in a group) and then set up the group to only include those members that have been 'approved' in their registration/background screen, you'll get what you're looking for. Thanks!

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    29 Jun, 2018 04:47pm

    Also when someone is signing up in DIBS, they are signing up under their player's profile--it would almost have to be at the Item level AND the Fulfiller level that we could do this kind of filtering.

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    29 Jun, 2018 03:06pm

    Doing it at the session level would be too broad for me. I use sessions to distinguish between single player and multiplayer families. I'd really like to do it at the Dibs item level. For example, an open skate admissions volunteer does not need to be screened and safe sport trained, but off-ice officials for home games now need both. I'd like to be able to have the database of volunteers attached to the DIBS items list so when someone is not properly screened or trained attempts to sign up for an item that requires screening/training, they get an error message that they are not properly qualified. It could even be a simple matter of training for the position that would disqualify them for the role.