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ADD Additional Column to DIBS to track volunteers by TEAM

We need the ability to track volunteers by team.  There is no current place to add that, and volunteers don't follow directions when requested to add to fulfiller name.  We have to reconcile 200+ volunteers to our team rosters because we currently don't have a mandatory field for team name.  PLEASE ADD!! 

  • Arizona Hockey Union
  • Feb 9 2017
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  • Arizona Hockey Union commented
    11 Apr, 2018 12:22am

    Is this change being made?


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  • Wayne Thiessen commented
    10 Apr, 2018 11:00pm

    Our association just started using Dibs and the 1st comment on day 1 was "Can I filter by team?"  The reason being, they are wanting to volunteer to do their duty only when their team is playing and for our association, the home team is responsible for concession duty.  Would be even better if both Visitor and Home teams could be added separately then we can be more flexible in allowing either parent group to claim the duty

  • Scott Bence commented
    29 Apr, 2017 04:02pm

    This is a must needed change to dibs. They need to add a required field for "Team/Club" name to Dibs. I don't understand why this is so difficult to do. Fustrating!!!!!!!!!

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  • Arizona Hockey Union commented
    29 Apr, 2017 03:31pm

    I have no clue why it is marked that way? I am an end user trying to get DIBS updated.


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  • Daryl Spitzer commented
    29 Apr, 2017 02:45pm

    Why is this marked Additional Info Needed? What question is unanswered?

  • Arizona Hockey Union commented
    29 Apr, 2017 04:59am

    The name of the for filler doesn't matter. We often times have family members do volunteer hours on behalf of the team. If they are not in our club and don't have the same last name, we don't know who they belong too. We need a column added to track by team!


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  • Scott Bence commented
    29 Apr, 2017 02:49am

    My parents do fill in the fulfiller name however when you have a Lot of different teams you do not know how to track by parent what team they are on

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  • Robert Bedeaux commented
    29 Apr, 2017 02:23am

    Hi there, I'm not sure how the team name would solve your problem. You do mention that they don't fill in the fulfiller name. That is a field you can require on the Dib item when creating it.

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